Calming Colouring for Kids by Various AuthorsLook Inside

Calming Colouring for Kids

Author: Various Authors

Categories: Colouring  

Age range: From 8 years

Price: £9.99

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Publication date: 15 October 2015

ISBN: 9781780553788

About the book:

Creating beautiful pictures, filled with lots of detail and colour, can be a calming activity. Kids can settle down with this gorgeous book for some relaxing down time. Children can chill out by colouring snoozing foxes, peaceful mountains and graceful birds, or let their imagination wander over swirling patterns and doodles. There are no complicated instructions and they won't need any special equipment, only pens, pencils and their own creativity are needed to enjoy this charming book.


''Open this colouring book at a random page and your eyes will be dazzled by all the colours and intricate designs.' — BookTrust

'There's sure to be a page that captures your child's imagination and keeps them calm and focused.' — BookTrust

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