I Wish I Knew That by Steve Martin, Dr Mike Goldsmith, Marianne TaylorLook Inside

I Wish I Knew That

Author: Steve Martin, Dr Mike Goldsmith, Marianne Taylor

Categories: Buster Reference  

Age range: From 8 years to 12 years

Price: £5.99

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Publication date: 5 January 2017

ISBN: 9781780554662

About the book:

Perfect for any child who wants to stay one step ahead of their classmates, this fantastic book is packed with informative titbits that will fascinate and enthrall young minds. I Wish I Knew That is full of interesting stuff that parents and grandparents used to learn at school that every child ought to know today. From classic books children should read, a quick grammar guide, an introduction to foreign languages, who that Pythagoras chap was, to a look at all the kings and queens, countries and their capitals, an introduction to classics and much more, it covers all subjects.

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